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New Spring / Summer ‘23 Collection African Tulip

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The FREY. Spring / Summer ‘23 collection is inspired by the colorful and timeless African Tulip flower. FREY. is a womenswear brand offering well-tailored, classic pieces that contribute to a sustainable capsule wardrobe, suitable for any woman. FREY. understands that personal style reflects a women’s individuality and FREY. has created this new line perfect for a professional wardrobe and weekend wear. The collection features waistcoats, maxi skirts, summer linens and more. The spring dresses offer a playful appeal, the suits offer maximum comfort and the trousers can be styled up or down for any day of the week. FREY.’s use of sustainable materials and exceptional craftsmanship ensures garments will be enjoyed for years to come.

As one of the only dedicated women’s tailors, FREY. is committed to empowering women through their clothing, and the NEW collection for this season does just that! The inspiration behind FREY.’s Spring/Summer ’23 collection is drawn from the evergreen beauty of the African Tulip tree that grows in Hong Kong. A tree that can grow up to 25 meters tall felt symbolic for Head designer, Yulia Tlili, as it represents the strong, bold, dynamic women that FREY. dresses. The tree boasts incredible greenery and grows exotic, bright, poppy red flowers, creating the perfect palette for a summer collection.

Taking the floral beauty to the drawing board, along with similar vintage shapes and colors, Tlili has worked her magic for the season ahead. From the African Tulip, Tlili has created a soft blue and white floral print, and a subtle yet sharp lime green dogtooth woven pattern. Both prints pair beautifully with some of the modern timeless classics. Spring/Summer ‘23 is an ensemble of playful patterns, clean, comfortable classics and sharp tailored looks to bring ladies a variety of summer pieces for work, weekends and summertime travel.

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Producing sustainable fashion is a long-term journey and FREY. is committed to expanding this journey by transforming their packaging practices. The brand uses corn starch polybags to transport garments rather than traditional petroleum-based plastic. These bags are entirely biodegradable and ensure that your purchase has a positive impact on the planet as well as your closet. FREY. has fallen in love with Rollor boxes – a new packaging which keeps garments crease-free, ready to wear and do so with minimal packaging.

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