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Empowering Elegance: Redefining Women’s Workwear with FREY.


For years, this has been a common conversation thread that has been heard in the corridors of corporate offices and boardrooms – how corporate dressing, its design and tailoring, had undeniably favoured men’s wear. But in a dramatic turn of events in September 2021, a game-changer emerged – Frederieke van Doorn. Armed with a background in Fashion Technology and Management from Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she decided to rewrite the narrative.

From this ambition emerged FREY. – an exclusive, women centric preserve with a singular goal – give women the same calibre of workwear that their male counterparts have long enjoyed. A master tailor with a legacy spanning two decades, Frederieke breathed life into FREY., soon transforming it into a brand that was completely in sync with the sartorial aspirations and dreams of Hong Kong’s industrious women.

FREY. isn’t just fashion; it’s a movement. A place where meticulous tailoring and artistry come together, a space that offers a treasure trove of options inspired from smart Off the Rack collections and the innovative ‘Create Your Own’ tailoring service concept, catering to the needs and desires of today’s working women. This isn’t just about clothing; it’s about empowerment, confidence, and shattering the glass ceilings of fashion.

The brand is today a haven where meticulously designed, top-tier pieces flourish. Each piece is a harmonious blend of style and substance, an embodiment of sustainable elegance that gracefully transcends the seasons. Envision sleek suits that command the room, day dresses that effortlessly exude chic, and skirts that seem to whisper confidence with every sway.


Wear empowerment and sophistication to make a distinct statement at work

Step into the world of FREY. and explore a diverse range of ready-to-wear gems, thoughtfully curated to cater to all body shapes, sizes, heights, and skin tones. Here, every woman finds the perfect ensemble to radiate confidence. Anchoring this experience is a team of skilled designers and master tailors, ready to listen and craft an outfit that resonates uniquely with you.

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“I may not wear the designer hat, but my passion guides me to curate pieces I adore, using only the finest materials,” shares Frederieke.

Expect to encounter an exquisite selection, featuring Elegant Jackets, Bold Waistcoats, Stylish Trousers, Chic Blouses, Effortless Jumpsuits, Graceful Skirts, Luxurious Silk Dresses, Knitted Tops, Cool Shirts, and even Tartan Shorts. Each creation bears the signature touch of excellence, tailored to reflect your individuality and elevate your style.

Rooted in sustainability, FREY. sources premium fabrics from renowned Italian mills. These mills hold a surplus of fabric often referred to as ‘deadstock’, a resource we ingeniously repurpose for our creations. This approach allows us to maintain impeccable quality standards while embracing eco-conscious practices, ensuring that each garment stands as a testament to both elegance and environmental responsibility. They offer global shipping services. Free shipping is offered to clients in Hong Kong, China and Singapore.


Because business dressing for women is a serious business

FREY isn’t your typical business. Led by Frederieke, it’s all about solving a common problem for women – what to wear to work and beyond. The enterprise is serious about it and has demonstrated that it has the answer to this age-old question, time and again.

Even though FREY. is still relatively new, the team works seamlessly together. Frederieke takes care of everything – sales, money matters, marketing, and design. She sets the pace for daily operations.

FREY. has managed to figure out something special. It has found the balance between looking great and feeling comfortable, which almost seems like magic. Whenever Frederieke sees someone wearing FREY. or trying on their jackets, she’s reminded of how empowering fashion can be. It’s that moment when comfort and style come together, making people look and feel fantastic.

But FREY’s mission is bigger than fashion. It is committed to helping women succeed by helping them to dress for success with work attire that’s perfectly tailored. Because FREY. believes that the right outfit can be a game-changer, driving women towards fulfilling their career dreams.

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