Dive into FREY.’s “Valley of Flowers and People” Collection

FREY.’s Spring/Summer ‘24 collection, “Valley of Flowers and People,” is the result of a collaborative and cooperative creative process. Inspired by a recent teamLab exhibition, this collection aims to create an environment where individuals can actively engage and take part in the creative process.

“Join me in an exploration of creativity, composition, shape, texture, and color. Let’s dive into the world of silhouettes and make them our own. Inspire your creative process and participate in the co-creation of the collection. Express your unique vision and foster a sense of connection with others,” says FREY. Head Designer, Yuli.

The objective of the new season collection is to inspire change and encourage creativity by exploring new ideas and forms, transforming individual perspectives, and incorporating creative acts into our daily routines. Mix and match the pieces, style them in your unique way, and delve deeper into the collection’s experience.

The collection features a stunning blend of pinks, oranges, and blues, carefully chosen for their high-impact, long-lasting appeal. These hues were inspired by the moving images seen in the teamLab exhibition, where overlay and layering techniques, combined with emotional sensitivity to color and floral shapes, dictated the shapes and colors of the collection. To balance out the plain, classic bold shades, you will find playful details such as polka dots, checks, and prints.

Fabrics and textures have been selected to accentuate the softness of floral designs. The round-shaped collars, detailed cuts, soft shoulders, and voluminous sleeves all represent the gentle contours of a floral valley.

“Each piece in our latest collection is an embodiment of my emotions and creative process. I’m excited to share the journey behind each piece to elicit new feelings and create a stronger bond between you and the collection. As clients and individuals, I urge you to delve into your own interpretations, engage with the collection, and make it uniquely yours,” says Yuli.

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