Meet the Team Behind the Label

(Founder, Frederieke Van Doorn and Head Designer, Yulia Tili)

Meet the powerhouse duo behind FREY., Founder, Frederieke Van Doorn and Head Designer, Yulia Tili. After meeting in 2020, the duo hit it off instantly and have since been on a life-long journey to support as many women through clothing as possible. As the city’s only dedicated female tailor, this team is driven to provide women with high quality, sustainable garments that deliver both luxurious comfort and style. 

With over 20 years experience in tailoring, Frederieke has a vast understanding of fabrics, finishes, cuts, form, function and how to build a classic capsule wardrobe that lasts season after season. Frederieke is extremely passionate about offering women the same high quality and choice in tailoring as men have, and so began the journey of starting an inclusive female tailoring brand that truly empowers ALL women, regardless of age, shape and height.  There are so many women, especially in Hong Kong, who are required to dress formally in their place of work, Frederieke understands their needs and delivers an exceptional service. As a business owner, Frederieke is heavily involved in all areas of the brand; from sourcing and shipping to marketing, accounting and more. 

Head Designer, Yulia, brings 20 years of experience working in high end women’s fashion. Yulia covers the full creative process from research and design to draping and finally developing an entire seasonal collection. As head designer, Yuli spends countless hours focusing on two very important areas. Firstly, sourcing sustainable, natural materials that contribute to a circular fashion economy, and secondly incorporating these materials  into  sustainable, timeless garments that are versatile and durable for women to enjoy year after year. High quality, comfortable, and complimentary are words Yulia lives by and every single garment measures up.  

This female-led pair is focused on using exquisite craftsmanship to design impeccably tailored classics that come in a wide variety of styles and sizes.   “We believe ALL women deserve to feel their best when conquering the day ahead. Women are multi-taskers, managing high-powered careers and so much more.  We are on a mission to create clothing that allows freedom of movement and comfort, all while looking incredibly stylish.”

Welcome to FREY.