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Introducing the FREY. Tailored Autumn/Winter ’23 Collection: Embracing Strength and Fragility

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FREY. Tailored proudly presents the highly anticipated Autumn/Winter ’23 Collection, celebrating the essence of every woman. Inspired by the interplay between strength and fragility within each one of us, this collection tells a captivating story of empowerment, vulnerability, and resilience.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating artistry of Ugandan artist Stacey Gillian Abe, the collection resonates with the quote, “Indigo for a skin signifies a tribe, a breed of black, a people not limited by societal, economic, cultural, or historical constraints.” Stacey’s intricate art reflects the myriad facets of a woman’s identity, akin to the vibrant colours of autumn.

90 thoughtfully curated pieces come alive in rich shades of yellow ochre, midnight brown, tartans, indigo blue, charcoal grey, camel beige, daisy whites, and night blacks. Inspired by the beauty and textures of nature, the collection embraces the richness of flora, flowing water, and rugged rocks, effortlessly integrating diverse and multidimensional textures found in the natural world. From luxurious tweeds, camel wool, merino wool, and cashmere to the softness of silk, cotton, and viscose, each piece embodies nature’s surfaces—softness, smoothness, and roughness harmoniously entwined in a range that is both masculine and feminine.

The collection caters to a woman’s everyday dressing needs. Standout pieces include four limited edition 3-piece tuxedo suits, combining sophisticated tailoring with an empowering touch, perfect for formal occasions. Classic old-fashioned coats and jackets add timeless elegance, while dress shirts and dresses exude professionalism and confidence for important meetings.

FREY. Tailored understands the need for versatile options, offering elegant skirts, fitted cigarette trousers, and waistcoats designed to elevate any ensemble. A standout piece is the FREY. statement look—a stunning 3-piece pin-stripe suit exuding authority and style.

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For more relaxed occasions, oversized shirts and trumpet-style skirts and dresses are ideal choices, offering comfort and sophistication for family weekends and casual get-togethers with friends. Complementing the attire are accessories like cosy merino wool knit scarves and a black leather belt, adding the finishing touch to the perfect ensemble.

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Each piece in the Autumn ’23 Collection is meticulously crafted with natural and semi-natural materials, as well as deadstock sourced from a renowned Italian mill, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. FREY. Tailored takes pride in offering timeless designs empowering women to embrace every facet of their identity with confidence and grace.

Yulia Tlili, FREY.’s visionary Head Designer, shares her inspiration, “The female mind is a powerful symphony of strength and vulnerability, just like Stacey’s art. This collection seeks to challenge traditional visions of women and explore the complexities of female identity. Imperfect, yet perfect in their uniqueness, this collection celebrates womanhood in all its raw beauty.”

The FREY. Autumn/Winter ’23 Collection invites you to celebrate the beautiful complexities that make you uniquely you.

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