Sassy spots FREY.

It didn’t take long for Sassy Hong Kong to discover Frey’s brand new flagship store on Ice House Street. This is no surprise to us at all as Sassy is known for being the first to discover and share with us all the best that Hong Kong has to offer.

The number one go – to source for every fashion-loving woman in Hong Kong has published an online article on FREY, communicating all of our female tailoring awesomeness to all of her following. We already knew we were one-of-a-kind special in style, comfort, quality and affordability but now that Sassy has picked up on us we hope all of her fans will make a beeline to come and check us out too.

The fastest way to instant gratification is though our website but make no mistake, there is nothing fast about our fashion or attention to detail. FREY purposefully designs all her garments to last and to be enjoyed season after season. If you live locally, please come in to see, feel and experience first-hand all that the article is (rightfully so 🙂) raving about.

FREY’s exquisite new collection will make your winter as sassy as can be.